William’s Armchair

work in progress

I have taken a few commissions lately be they curtains for the farm, cushions for a set of chairs, more curtains for my sister’s new house or a new cover for a little boys favourite john lewis armchair.

John Lewis sell these wonderful mini armchairs for kids with a set of loose covers and no option to buy replacements.  This particular armchair is very much a favourite and although the covers themselves were slightly the worse for loving use of, the chair itself has remained in good order. I have just finished making the new covers for it and I think it is so cute.  William’s mum supplied the fabric, piping, zips and thread for the cover after I had measured for it (5m with a large repeat like this). The fabric is lovely and vibrant and covered in diggers and trucks and all that big mechanical stuff that little boys like so much.

the finished article

It was fun to make and very satisfying knowing how happy William is to get his favourite chair back.

I wonder how many other little boys or girls have a favourite armchair that they are sad not to be able to use anymore because they can’t get replacement covers?

2 thoughts on “William’s Armchair

  1. Love this! My daughter has a John Lewis armchair and after several washes the covers are now ill-fitting and dull in colour.

    Would you consider making another set?!!

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