#4 produce in abundance

black courgette

The vegetables seem to be doing well in the garden helped enormously by the recent combination of sunshine and rain.

rocket and mixed salad leag

We are eating baby leaf salads on a daily basis now and have just planted our second batch to see us through a few more weeks when the earlier stuff runs out.


The strawberries are flowering and showing the first signs of fruit hidden in there so we will have to net those soon to protect from the birds.

cucumber, courgette and garlic

The black courgettes that I planted in loo roll cardboards have been planted into the ground along with the cucumbers that I seeded in an egg box and they seem to be doing fine.


We have carrots, herbs, pak choi and brocolli sprouting too and it all looks so tasty. Even the tomatoes have recovered now that they are in bigger pots and are outside.  I can hardly wait.


The most frustrating wait is for the rhubarb and asparagus!  Although they both seems to have taken very well they shouldn’t be harvested in their first year so we must wait for next year. The wait gives the root system a chance to strengthen and allows then to establish themselves.

This time next year Rodney…..

2 thoughts on “#4 produce in abundance

  1. Your veggies seem to be coming on well….I grew so much in my garden last year but haven’t planted very much so far this year. The weather should be good tomorrow so I may plant my runner beans out…..

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