a bit of vintage fabric

I’ve been having another ‘sort out’ to remind myself what I have for my sewing and also to tidy up a bit as things are starting to creep out of what I still hope will become my workroom.

I had completely forgotten about a smashing piece of fabric.  Strictly speaking, it isn’t a piece of fabric at all but a single curtain.  Just the one, unlined and with a very mean little strip of rufflette tape at the top that was probably a pair at some point in it’s 50 or so years of life.  It is almost exactly like the kind of thing my parents and grandparents had in the kitchen when we were tiny!!

I got it at a car boot sale last summer. A nice middle aged couple were selling it with a jumble of other bits in a basket and when I handed over the 50p they wanted, the lady turned to her husband and proclaimed ‘you win’.  That little comment prompted a great opportunity for a bit of a chat and to get an explanation for it. The lady had disagreed with her husband about the value of putting it with the carbooty instead of assigning it to the rubbish bin! He, so sure that it would be of interest to someone, had bet her that it would be sold and she that it would end up in the bin anyway.

I was delighted with my fabric, she with her 50p and he had won their little bet.  Fun for all.

It is difficult to know what to turn it into in order to do it service and also to make the most of it. I have, so far, cut out 3 cushions that show a few of the different images from the whole thing.  I have a project in the planning for a collection of lighthouse applique pictures so one of the images is inspiring.

One of the cushions with a piece of this vintage fabric in the centre that shows a lighthouse is destined for a friend’s house in Southwold.  Southwold has it’s own lighthouse, and that has inspired them to collect any number of gorgeous things that show lighthouses.  They vary from pictures, to tiles and earthenware.  I hope they don’t have a cushion yet.

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