henry’s christening picture

the finished picture

JC is godfather to young Henry today.  Henry is the little boy for whom I made a applique blanket about 18 months ago and so it seemed appropriate to also make him a picture to mark the occasion of his christening.

sketch ideas

I started it way back in March when JC was first asked to perform this incredibly important roll in Henry’s life and it has been finished for what feels like an age. I have been very excited waiting to hand it over but the christening has finally arrived and I feel like I can talk about it now.

layering the fabrics for the basic picture

I’ve had the idea for a number of pictures in my head for a while now that were inspired by images in our village but also our wedding and the image of our village church. Henry’s christening has proved to be the perfect opprtunity to make one of these pictures.

the sun will come out tomorrow....

What I love about it particularly, are the references to some of the images on Henry’s blanket.

apple tree

There are some that I favour particularly and have found myself reusing them in other things that I have made but it seemed particularly fitting that they reappear in Henry’s christening picture having been created originally for Henry’s blanket on his arrival into this world.

twin bunnies & William

The ones that come about more and more are the sun with clouds, the apple tree, the twin bunnies and the bee buzzing about in the background.

the chapman family

What I think makes it special for Henry has been the inclusion of Henry, his Mum, Dad and adorable Big Brother William in the foreground.

I love it and I’m really pleased with it.

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