#5 one of many reasons to grow your own

baby tomatoes

The spectacle of rapidly developing vegetables in our garden has become a deep joy for me over a very busy period at work.

My days have been long and my nights restless with thoughts of the many things I need to remember and others that I need to co-ordinate.


My 6am walk with the furry one is a time to collect my thoughts and have an interesting chat with some of my dog walking buddies, but there is a deep relaxation and sense of satisfaction tending and harvesting the provisions we have started to grow in our back garden.


The rocket has gone mad, mad, mad and we have had to give a lot of it away.

carrot tops

The carrots are just fluffy tops at the moment but they hold such sweet promise.

The dwarf beans are still pretty small shoots but then I suppose they are dwarf so I shouldn’t expect too much.


The large but solitary strawberry plant is promising enough fruit to promise at least one dish that could be called a desert.


The spinach is ready to be wilted into a nice paste dish.

pak choi

The pak choi is my absolute favourite and is so, so pretty.

It really takes me back to my childhood when Dad asked us to hoe the veg garden or my grandad was lovingly tending his vast veg garden after his retirement from farming.

I believe I inspect each plant and leaf more closely for imperfections and possible disease or pest than I spend inspecting myself for the same!  Whilst I don’t quite expect to see signs of pests or disease about my person, I should be taking care of myself a bit better.

BUT, I think this is taking care of myself. It is relaxing, therapeutic, a source of incredibly fresh and nutritional food as well as a very important contribution to the environment while those little plants gobble up CO2 at night.

I am still waging an angry war against snails and slugs but it is a slightly methodical and calm battle now rather than an angry war. I will win, however.


One thought on “#5 one of many reasons to grow your own

  1. As always beautiful pictures & your words hold so much truth. If only everyone did some sowing & growing, I think the benefits would be many fold!

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