pretty boys and girls

having a feed

having a feed

The farmer’s wife breeds and produces ponies for the show ring and although it is only a hobby, it is quite a consuming one.

showing off

showing off

It has meant employing a very handy young lass called Lisa to help out, it involves endless purchases of tack, huge vets bills and a lot of time.

the youngest of the three

Two years ago all the foals that were produced were colts, last year they were all fillies and this year they are a bit of both.

gathered around the hay

The youngest was born a few weeks ago, only a few weeks after the other two but it shows quite markedly in their size.  They have all been in separate paddocks until now and they have taken residence in what is becoming known as the pretty field.  The Pretty Boys were here last year.

my legs still don't work properly

Aren’t they just sooooo cute and adorable.

up to no good

They all have great names like Sir Galahad and a number of the boys now have names from the Knights of the Round Table.

It would be very tempting to get terribly attached to them.


2 thoughts on “pretty boys and girls

    • I am always a bit envious of our weekend neighbours and all the lovely things they have in their acreage (one day!!). They are so generous with them, though so it really helps. In the meantime a city flat with a small garden will have to do…..

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