tinyinc new cable cushions

arran cushion

My mum has saved the day again and provided me with a bundle of hand mades to help boost my flagging stock of knitted goodies.

I have been so busy lately that is has become almost impossible to fit everything in.

lilac cable cushion

Since blogging and folksy don’t yet enable me to give up my proper job, the makes, unfortunately have to take a back seat.

Nevermind, I will get there in the end and, until I do, it is so wonderful having such a clever and willing mum to step into the breach whilst I am busy being time poor yet again.

grey cable cushion

I know that mum says she doesn’t mind doing these knits and they keep her busy, especially if the weather is poor; and she only wants the cost of any materials covering, but I don’t think she knows how invaluable her efforts are.  What would I do without her?

These cushion covers have been some of my most popular sells. Aren’t they lovely?

The original one was made from a recycled sweater that, oddly enough, my mum had originally knitted for me years ago. But then I sold the first knitted red cable cushion cover on Folksy this year, and this particular transaction came with a story…..

red cable cushion

A lovely chap called Peter contacted me with a few questions about the cushion cover that I was selling as it was to be a gift.  Mostly I specify that I will ship to the UK only but that I will price any dispatch to other parts of the world if asked.  On the Tuesday Peter wanted to know if I could post to Holland and could I guarantee it would be there for the weekend? He would be travelling with his filming work and might be difficult to catch on email

The cover was wanted as a gift for his girlfriend.  It would be her birthday at the weekend and he wanted to surprise her with it.

He had been searching for a red cable knitted cushion specifically because his girlfriend had talked fondly about visits to her grandma’s house (in Russia I seem to recall) and sitting on just such a cushion when she was a little girl.  She had very fond memories of the time and remembered the cushion well. Since she often wondered what ever happened to it, Peter knew it would be a wonderful surprise the get her one the same for their own house.

Peter paid for the cushion cover and I parcelled it up and went off to the post office to make sure it got there in time. As I didn’t know what the postage would be and I had also been asked to include a cushion filler to complete the gift, I trusted that he would pay the balance when he was back in the UK and sent it with my best wishes and the very sincerest hope that his girlfriend liked it.

My extra payment arrived in hand with a note from Peter to say that his lovely, thoughtful gift had gone down an absolute storm and his girlfriend was thrilled and touched in equal measures.

blue cable cushion

I have enjoyed some lovely exchanges with some of the buyers and bloggers that use the internet but this one delighted me particularly and helps maintain my trust and faith in there being more nice people out there than there are nasty ones!!!


2 thoughts on “tinyinc new cable cushions

    • Hi Carol

      That’s great. Thanks for getting in touch.

      Please email me on tinyinc@orangehome.co.uk with your delivery details.

      I will also be able to let you know if I have three in stock or if I need to make them.

      If they are in stock and payment comes through, I will be able to post them tomorrow. If they need to be made, I will take a 50% deposit, the balance and postage for which will be payable on completion.


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