tinyinc teaset trove

My wonderful friend V, has been staging an occasional underground tea time and is using wonderful vintage tea pot and tea cup finds.

As a veteran at this scratting around and finding interesting goodies for peanuts, I enlisted the help of my mum (yet again!) to find some nice bits to add to V’s collection.  Along with my own efforts, mum and I have managed to find a teapot, sugar tongs and a couple of sweet china tea sets complete with jugs, bowls and sandwich plates.

One of the sets that mum did find and I have very selfishly opted to keep, is a complete set of 6 tea cups, saucers, side plates, bowls and dinner plates decorated in a wonderful kitch rose decoration.

Poor JC is already exasperated at the amount of ‘stuff’ we have in cupboards and stashed away for later use.  In spite of the raised eyebrows and grumbles every time he tries to get something out of the cupboard, I still consulted him for his opinion on whether it is nice or not.

Normally we agree on these things and he has a good eye but he doesn’t like our new dinner service.  He wants to stick with plain old white from Ikea!!

I love them, I don’t think they will be used often, but they might come out when I use my nice country kitchen table cloth.

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