harvest time


The farm is a hive of activity at the moment, whether it is showing the ponies, testing the grain’s moisture or actually harvesting the grain. I doubt there has been a quiet 5 minutes for weeks now. Some of the work is going into the night when the conditions are right.


We aren’t really affected by all this activity and still manage to do our early morning and early evening dog walks. We were delighted to find a new resident on the farm this weekend.  There is now a Hobby living in one of the farm spinnies.

A Hobby is a bird of prey that feeds off insects and spends a lot of time in flight feeding.  It has a distinctive screech call and it was the call that brought it to our attention initially.  Yesterday we managed to catch a glimpse of it having a rest on a large straw bail.

Little Owl (not my photo)

There is also a young family of little owls.  We  haven’t seen them before this year but they are obviously enjoying whatever feeding is available to them here and we see them most evenings now.

We were rabbitting one evening recently and one of the brood followed us along the perimeter of the field we were shooting in by flying from fence post to fence post.  It was obviously hopeful of a bonus meal!!

Little Owl (not my photo)

There is also a barn owl rearing a solitary young (in a barn!) which is quite enormous.  They take on an almost human look when they sit staring at you as this youngster did when we came across it on the barn floor waiting for it’s next feed. The parents can often be seen flying along the dikes at dusk and dawn.  They are a ghostly sight anyway but add to that their flight looks highly improbably and seems to defy gravity and they really are a stunning thing to see.

Barn Owl (not my photo)

There are a couple of buzzards that frequent the place along with what we have come to accept as the usual suspects: deer, badgers, rabbits, hares and the like.

Badger Cub (not my photo)

There has been a new road built that is about 300m closer to the farm than the old one used to be and, although it is still miles away, we can hear it and we wonder if it is driving these creatures away from places where it is now noisy when before it was quiet. If this is the case, we think we have scored from the new road, as we get to see all thee beauties now.

Roe Deer (not my photo)

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