marrow and ginger jam

The abundance of produce from our novice attempts at growing your own have come with the stress of knowing what to do with the surplus.

We have given quite a lot away which is fine and we are happy to contribute to people’s larder and finding things to create with the rest of the produce is fun but challenging.

huge courgette flowers

One of our unexpected successes have been the courgettes.  We grew about 8 plants from a 99p box kit from Wilko’s that I really didn’t expect would proffer much.  A couple of the platns went into my sister’s garden but have failed from neglect, ours on the other hand have gone mad and are producing courgettes at an alarming rate.

courgettes and flowers

We have been quite tenacious in our harvesting and check them every night.  We go away for a weekend and they go mad!

What do you do with a glut of courgettes, some of which are on the cusp of becoming marrows?

You turn them into jam comes the cry from my clever friend V!!

More specifically, you turn them into marrow and ginger jam with lashings of lemon.  And it is delicious!


3 unwaxed lemons

1.25kg of marrow or courgette (pealed, deseeded and cut into small cubes)

1.25kg of jam sugar (with added pectin)

1 large knob, about 85g, of fresh ginger (peeled and shredded/very finely chopped)

Take zest off all lemons and set aside.  juice lemons and set juice aside.  put left over lemon shells (including the pips) into a muslin bag for later.


Put courgettes / marrows into your maslin / jam pot with a splash of the lemon juice. cook on a medium heat until the courgettes become clear and soft (I don’t like the lumps so I let it go mushy or mash it).

Stir in sugar, rest of juice, zest, ginger and the muslin bag of bits.

juicing and zesting lemons

Stir and bring to the boil once the sugar is dissolved.

Simmer until jam has reached setting point.

Store into sterilized warmed jam jars.

It is a wonderful lemon curd kind of colour and not disimilar to the wonderful flowers that come before the courgette grows and although the subtleties of the courgette flavour can just be picked out, the ginger makes a star appearance.

If left, the flavour matures and intensifies apparently so I will stash one jar away to use in a few months time.

The freshly made jam is already popular and went down a treat on a big slab of bread and butter.

I hadn’t expected to like it as much as I do but I like courgettes and love ginger and lemon so what is there not to like, really?

10 thoughts on “marrow and ginger jam

  1. Lemon and ginger is always popular and I love the sound of this. Found a lovely marrow in our market for 50p but when I looked closely at your instructions I noticed the quantity of ginger. 85kg is rather a large knob – I know it must be a typo. Please could you let me know what it should be.
    As for pectin, I will be including a cooking apple which is always an inexpensive way.
    Looking forward to trying this one!
    ‘Meanderings through my Cookbook’

    • hello hopeeternal and thanks for the comment. typo corrected as it is 85g and not 85kg. It may not be necessary to add the apple as the lemon helps but it can’t harm. I hope you enjoy the recipe.


  2. Thanks – I was sure that it should be g but it’s good to know for definite. I don’t use expensive jam sugar with pectin, so will need another source and I am not sure the lemon pips would be enough. A little apple will not notice I’m sure. Trying this very soon …

  3. Enjoy and please let me know what you think of it or if there are any improvements you were able to make. It’s always good to hear other people’s input on these things.


    • Helena

      Oh wow!!!

      They all look amazing!! Will try and I think I will have to pass onto my allotment renting friends who are always mystified by lots of courgettes.

      Thank you


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