early one morning

september sunrise

We walk every morning for about an hour with the furry one either before we head off for work or to start our day when we are on holiday.

We often take a camera when we are on holiday and see absolutely nothing, we go some days without the camera and see loads of things.

dewy winter crops

Today we took the camera and we saw loads of things!


What made this morning extra special though was the combination of the dew, the bright sky, a new visitor to the spinney, our silly little terrier giving chase across half the county and it being our wedding anniversary.

The recent harvest has helped to clear the view and you do get a glimpse of what is invariably around even when we aren’t aware of it.

There is a Hobby that now visits the farm yard, the Little Owls that we spotted are growing up and one of them has made home in fresh hay in the barn.  The usual suspects such as crows and pigeons are no less in number in spite of our efforts but they are kept on their nerves by the resident Buzzard who never seems to far away while we are out walking.

deer slot (walking)

We know that the local deer population is thriving.  There are signs of them everywhere.  This morning the ground was wet and their tracks were particularly easy to spot.  A very confused group of 5 youngers crossed out paths in the last few days and today we saw a single Buck, 2 separate pairs on Does and a Muntjac.

a group of youngsters

We were told that Muntjac are in the area by the farmer who has seen them around the farm house but we saw this one at the spinney. They do travel but we wonder of the new road has pushed them closer to us from elsewhere.

The excitement of seeing them is obviously contagious as the furry one decided that he stood a pretty good chance against a Doe and set off in hot pursuit!

He did it on both occassions that we saw the pairs of Does.  He hasn’t realised that he stands absolutely no chance of catching up with them. If he makes any headway at all, they gentle change a gear and pull away tantalizingly out of reach.

It’s very funny to watch him come trotting back with a slightly wild look in his eyes, seemingly very pleased with himself but actually having achieved absolutely nothing. He is pretty fast considering that he is solid and very heavy but he quickly covers quite a bit of ground on these chases.

The second time he did it this morning though, it did leave us cause for concern.  At first the deer were obviously unaware of this annoying little white thing in their wake. It obviously girded him with some sense of imminent success in his attempts to catch them so when they speeded up, jumped a number of dykes and headed across neighbouring farm land straight for the new road 2 to 3 miles in the distance, he didn’t think it a pointless exercise to follow:  All the way!!

Initially, we were both completely panicked. Not because we didn’t think he would come back; he always does, but the road that we think is pushing all this wonderful wildlife towards us seemed frighteningly close when our little mutt was speeding towards it.

Now that he is safely back with us and sleeping off his run around, I don’t think he got anywhere near to the road, but at the time, it was enough to make us both start running to catch up………

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