craft on the underground

needle case edge detail

I am so excited to have been invited to have a stall at the Marmite Lover’s underground farmer’s market and craft fair .

I missed my chance at the last one as I only found out too late and we were away being busy at something.

needle cases

Since then I have followed marmite lover on face book but was delighted that she had remembered me missing the last one and invited me to join in this year.

Of course I can’t take any credit for this introduction, it came from my wonderful friend V of pearl barley and I hope she will be joining me there (as helper this time) but with a mind to selling her own amazing makes there (edible and non edible) in the future.

needle cases

I had lots of makes planned for our holidays including thermal lining our blinds and recovering a stool but I have been girded into other makes that I can take to the fair with me to sell.

Lots of them were started and not completed because I got distracted by a commission, a gift requirement or just no time to get around to it.

needle cases

Happily they are all getting finished and being labelled up for my stall at the fair.

floral pink

vanessa arbuthnott needle case

abstract orange

linear needle case

abstract turquoise

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