tinyinc’s hot commission

red, blue, arran & gold hotties

Tinyinc was recently commissioned to knit 4 cable hot water bottle covers for Country Touches that have just been advertised on the on line shop for the Christmas season.

Natasha Jones, who owns the company and runs it from her home in Wales approached me through Folksy having seen tinyinc’s cable knit cushions.

Dealing with Natasha has been a pleasure . It has been relaxed and easy without any rushing, stressing or worrying. I initially sent a sample arran white hot water bottle cover, along with colour suggestions for the others. I needed to make sure that the design met with Natasha’s expectations.  Once I knew that she liked the arran white one and the other colour options, they were despatched and my money request was paid immediately.

gold hottie for country touches

They are very soft and cosy hot water bottle covers which is ideal for the coming colder months and I am tempted to keep one for myself!!

blue hottie for country touches

red hottie for country touches

With my mum’s help (again), there are now a few additional colours but these are one offs as they are from a limited supply of arran wool that cannot easily be matched from our local supplier.

mink hottie

lilac hottie

mint hottie

I have spotted some raspberry and parchment wool so I might see what they look like as cushions and hotties for the future.


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