sloe gin cider

after sieving

I have finally been allowed to get my hands on SOME (only some) of the sloe gin that we started in October 2009, I have been watching the change in the colour of the gin every week and it is remarkable how a few months had changed it dramatically by the new year.

gin soaked sloes

Now that the sloes have been freed from the gin, the change in them is even more remarkable when you consider their appearance when they were first introduced to the gin.

this year's sloes waiting for the first frost

To get the clearest sloe gin, the small particulate needs to be filtered out and this is made easier if it is allowed to settle to the bottom of the sieved gin.

allow sediment to settle

It is then filtered through muslin or coffee filters into a clean sterilised jar.

filtering into sterilized storage

Not only have I been wanting to try the gin itself (our new favourite drink is shot of sloe gin with a logn measure of bitter lemon with lots of ice!!!) but I have been desperate to try the recipes that I found for using the sloes left from making sloe gin.

Sloe gin cider or slider is one of them.

cider and gin soaked sloes

This has got to be pretty good in making the most of what is available to you and for free.  A second use for a fruit harvested last year.

slider in the making

At the end of this session of soaking (about 2 – 3 months minimum), I am going to use the slider sloes to make a batch of slider chutney.

I also have plans for sloe gin truffles and simple sloe gin chutney (without the double soaking) when some of the rest of the sloe gin is decanted between now and christmas .

I can’t wait for the results of my slider.


2 thoughts on “sloe gin cider

    • dear knit nurse

      It has been hard waiting to do the slider, the thought of lots more months until I get to do chutney is a killer. Thank goodness my husband keeps guard or I might not be able to contain my enthusiasm.


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