the underground farmer’s and craft market

tinyinc in the boudoir

I am home after an incredibly good fun but exhausting day at Marmite Lover’s underground farmer’s and craft market!

None of us will be as tired as kirsten who worked long into last night and from early this morning with little or no help apart from Audrey and Ms Marmite Lover’s daughter.

tinyinc's corner in the living room and then we were moved to the best boudoir

You must go try it as a food and buying experience next time it is staged, it is so unique.

I was there selling my makes but how can you resist the delicious Brownies of Happy Kitchen (thanks Audrey you are a dynamo!), or devine beetroot chutney from House of Chutney (thanks Sarah & Emily), or the yummiest bread I’ve had in ages (Make & Bake).  Cakes to die for by Made by Katie, wonderful alcholic fruity drinks from Hand to Mouth Kitchen and The Deli Station cheese from Joanna’s travels to some intriguing places

Made by Katie

Ali & Sarah of Bristol Vintage did a roaring trade in cake stands and tea sets and provided myself and V (my wonderful friend and helper) with very good conversation and company.  Ali, please let me know if your pooches doggerchief’s don’t fit and I will swap for you!

The Deli Station cheeses

There are lots of budding supper clubs that were selling their wares and it is something I must try after such glowing recommendations.

It is held in a huge ground floor flat in Kilburn with access all areas bar one.  There is a bonfire, a barbeque, any number of different foods (all of which are divine), vintage crockery and handy makes.

It has been a hugely rewarding day and very entertaining.  I have met some incredibly interesting people and have some commissions (be they a tea cosy to hide a rude teapot when mum visits, cushions or customises aprons for Hiromi (well done to her lovely hubby for looking out for her and making the introduction).

I hope people enjoy their tinyinc buys or gifts and I look forward to doing it again if I am lucky enough to be invited back by Ms Marmite Lover.

4 thoughts on “the underground farmer’s and craft market

    • Lovely to meet you too, it most definitely made the day a pleasure for us. And we may never have got to chat if we hadn’t been moved!

      Got your email and will get back to you v soon but don’t worry about the cushions to go inside the covers as I have a supply for those (unless you want a specific size!).


  1. Hi – sorry it’s taken me a day or two – was in Plymouth yesterday, and after London’s fun my body’s feeling a bit jet-lagged!

    So great to meet you – I felt like I was in a room full of great friends I’d known for years!

    My two Scotties love their neckerchiefs and as soon as I can get a decent photo I will send you one through! Thanks so much. Hopefully see you again at the next one!

    Ali xx

    • Hi Ali

      I know it was a bit special wasn’t it?
      Sooo glad your lovely wee scotties like their new attire.
      Kerstin is doing it again in December for the Xmas shopping. Will you come?


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