kentish cobnut cake



kentish cobnuts


recently, we were given a small hemp bag that contained about 200g of kentish cobnuts.

They look very like hazelnuts and had I not been informed to the contrary, that is exactly what I would have thought they were.



shelled kentish cobnuts


Although unfamiliar to me, there is an association for these tasty little nuts where you can buy them, learn about them and become a member in support of them.  Who knew?

Surprisingly, the kentish cobnut association is not a source of recipes for the use of them, but a few searches on the internet meant I had some hints for making up my own recipe for using these nuts and managing with the contents residing in my kitchen cupboards.

the recipe I used isn’t a great leap from any other nut cake really, but these tasty nuts are perfect for making into muffins or a teatime sized cake for the family.  I have no doubt the following recipe can be improved upon & I welcome any suggestions in case we are lucky enough to get anymore cobnuts but it provided us with the perfect sweet finish to our lovely sunday afternoon.

kentish cobnut cake

175g self raising flour

1 teaspoon salt

100g of roasted kentish cobnuts (roasting instructions – 100º for 40 minutes or until they are hard and dark brown.  roasting them enhances their flavour)


the much darker shrunken roasted cobnuts


5 tablespoons of golden syrup

5 tablespoons of water

40g of butter

1 beaten egg

sift the flour and salt into a bowl, stir in the cobnuts.

make a well in the middle of the flour

place the syrup, butter and water into a pan and melt over a gentle heat

pour the mix into the well and beat into flour and nut mix.

add beaten egg and stir in thoroughly.



lovely sticky cake mix




lovely chinks of chopped roasted cobnuts in the cake mix


grease a cake tin or muffin cases and bake on 190ºc for about 20 minutes.



kentish cobnut cake


it is definitely worth the effort of roasting the nuts first to bring out the nutty flavour and the syrup keeps it sweet but moist (I sometimes use yoghurt in cake recipes to add moisture but you need sweetness too).

this is a delicious cake and equally good with cheese as with a cup of tea for a mid morning snack.


2 thoughts on “kentish cobnut cake

  1. Looks lovely! I was given a big bag of these last year and enjoyed just eating them from the shells, they have such a wonderful taste! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some more this year – and if so, I’ll try the cake!

    • Hi Knit Nurse

      It didn’t last until the next day!! You are right about the flavour.

      If I make it again though, I think I’d definitely do it as muffins.


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