making a bean bag


a truck bean bag

Earlier this year, I was asked to recover a beloved armchair for william as the cover had shrunk and was very much the worse for wear.

The yardage of fabulous truck fabric from Chelford Fabrics was generous enough to get a bean bag out of it so I have managed to get this done just in time for Henry for christmas.


loop handle

It couldn’t be an easier thing to make:-

for the liner…….

decide how big you want the base to be in diameter.

make a paper pattern in a circle (or square) in that size.


folded base circle and side panel pattern pieces

fold it into 4/6/8 (depending on how many panels or segments you want).

cut out a paper pattern template with a flat bottom (same length as one of the folded sections of the base).

this is one of the side panels and should be as tall as you want it to be (about the same height as the base diameter).  It needs to have a flat bottom and straight sides for about 2/3 of it’s height.  It then needs to taper sharply to a point.

the base needs to be split into 2 (allowing to finish edged and overlap) so that you can create a velcro access.


split velcro base

sew the segments together.

finish edges of velcro join.


velcro opening on base showing poly filled liner

sew base to sides.

fill with poly styrene balls (costs about £14 to fill).



for the cover……

exactly the same except you need to add a handle when sewing the segments together.



Wrestling it into submission so that I could wrap it in christmas paper was harder than making it!!


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