hearts for heart’s sake


heart cushion

There is a very gentle theme in our little country house and that is hearts.

It’s not overwhelming and is mostly restricted to bedrooms but there are hearts there to be seen if you look.


some of the buttons

When we bought this place to run away to at weekends, it was three years ago and whilst it has most things we need, we are still slowly adding bits here and there.

We got the keys in december 2007 and after a flurry of curtain making, picture hanging and chair painting, I started a project that I honestly didn’t think would only just be finishing now after just over 3 years but it is done!

I don’t even recall where I got the idea from but I decided that what the house ‘needed’, was 2 cushions covered in buttons that made the shape of a heart.  Without a clue as to what a substantial task this would end up becoming, I  took all the odds of white and mother of pearl buttons in my gran’s old sewing box; I scrounged and bought some and unpicked some from old work shirts of JC’s before setting about attaching them to the two cushion covers that I had made with the spare fabric from the living room curtains.

There is no pattern to the buttons excepting that there is one large one in the middle of each.  I wondered many times, as both hearts were slowly filled in, why I had chosen to do a pair and not just keep life simple with one!!

3 years on and approximately 1200 buttons later, they are finally in place and I am pleased that I persevered.

I won’t be doing it again, however!!!


4 thoughts on “hearts for heart’s sake

  1. I love these pillows, I’m working on a similar button project and was surprised how many buttons I truly need!!! After the pillows are worn and past need of repair, I hope someone has the heart to frame them…

    • Thank you Young Wifey!

      I feel the same and hope that they can be re-found and get a new lease of life as something else when they are worn out.


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