Retro Egg Cup Cosies

Grace bought quite a few tea cosies from me over the months leading up to Christmas as gifts.

I’ve had a few lovely emails from Grace which I really appreciate as it is so nice to know how your efforts are received and in response to my thank you for feedback, Grace emailed:-

‘You’re welcome!

That was my mum’s– she loved it and so did my aunt who told me it has pride of place on her dresser!

Ps I often get stressed with my work and I’ve decided to take up knitting, I started learning yesterday!

I hope you had a good Christmas.


Grace’s first purchase was early last year and she has also asked if it was possible to produce matching egg cosies were to match her original purchase.

Not an exact match as I no longer have the exact same colours left and neither I nor my Mum was unable to get them but none the less, here they are and they are very cute.

Too fiddly to do very often but I have posted them off and hope Grace likes her ‘thank you for being a great customer’ gift.


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