wrist warmers


wrist warmers in the making


I am just about to deliver a pair of knitted wrist warmers in very snuggly pale shades of merino wool which are a belated birthday present that should have been ready at the beginning of January.  They are now done and wrapped up; tag and bow required to finish off but that is it.




my new wrist warmers

Merino wool is so lovely to work with, it is soft and smooth with a slight feel of cotton to it but much, much more cosy.

I made myself some replacements for my favourite wrist warmers last year but my niece took a liking to them and now has them.   It is very easy to end up only ever make stuff to sell or as special gifts and never finding time to do stuff for yourself so on the back of the gift, I have concentrated and made myself a new pair too.



january birthday present

I will be starting the next pair this week for a birthday in February as I can see them being needed right into March and will really need to get those needles flying to get them done and wrapped.

We have a long drive today and it is my turn to be passenger so I’m hoping to get a good start!


lovely merino wool

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