lady bird, lady bird, fly away home…..


alice elizabeth mary

I have enjoyed some mad nights out with my sister and her friend Mandy and then spent long days regaling those nights. I am very fond of Mandy and she has just had a little girl.

Mandy and her husband, Ed are obviously delighted even though the little tinker arrived early. Alice is their first child.



Mandy is a horse rider and very fit as a result.  There was little, if any sign that she was pregnant right up to the point that alice was born.


ladybird cushion

Alice is a first grandchild for Ed’s parents and they will want to spoil her, I have no doubt.  Mandy’s parents are old hands at grandchildren and Mandy’s dad, who I adore, will love every minute of it. Mandy is infinitely sensible and I just know she will be a very loving but a no nonsense mum. Just like my wonderful friend Kate.



I love Kate’s take on life, it is always right on the mark and invariably incredibly funny.  She believes that the act of having children is selfless enough in itself without adding to it the ridiculous parenting that makes your life difficult and never ever your own.  I see Mandy in very much the same camp.


alice elizabeth mary



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