Indy Anna Watts

one of my longest standing friends (that I wasn’t at school with) has recently become a granny.  apart from being far too young to be considered for this ageing roll, she is also a bit too glamorous for ‘granny’ anything.

little harri is ‘granny’s’ daughter and little indy came along to turn her harri into a mum and debbie into a granny.

it isn’t 5 minutes since harri was little, writing to parliament about cruelty to animals or studying some arachnid in the garden accompanying it with detailed sketches.  She is still as passionate about animals but now she is also a mum.


indy’s present is a bit late since she has already seen her first christmas but I hope she likes the cushion.  I think her mum will, afterall, it has an animal on the front.

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