a new puppy

My lovely friend ‘V’ and her family have recently experienced the heart breaking loss of both of their beloved little dogs Kinny & Diesel.

‘V’ was lucky enough to have Kinny for about 16 years and Diesel for about 12. I know Diesel was a battersea rescue and if my facts are correct; Kinny was bought from a market stall holder who happened to have pups of the type that ‘V’ wanted.  They have lived their long lives happily and with lots of love.  Both very special in their individual ways.

Their loss has left a huge gap in a very loving but busy household.

Kinny’s loss was first and it seemed too great, leaving such a raw wound that I wasn’t sure if another dog could join this lovely household.

Imagine my delight when, all checks passed and papers signed, ‘V’ sent me a text from the car to say that she was nursing a puppy on their way home.

Agnes is GORGEOUS!!


Diesel has also been lost to them since Agnes arrived and she will undoubtedly miss him as they used to curl up and snuggle together for a snooze but she is young and will recover from his departure a lot sooner than the humans will.

She is also a rescue dog so they had lots in common.  She is adorable to look at and full of character.  It is hard to believe that she was ever unwanted.

Her arrival was a few weeks ago now and she is a huge character with lots of cute expressions and fun qualities.  I suspect she may be a little tinker at times too but how can you resist such and expressive little thing?

Lucky little pooch is already very well loved and a huge part of the family.  Welcome little lady.


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