Easter Bunting

As Easter approaches, there is a handful of little people who might be expecting and easter egg from us.

Jessica is coming to stay with her mum and dad for the lovely long easter weekend.

I have no doubt that there will be plenty of eggs in the chocolate form that come her way but our gift to her is some bunting for her room.

It spells her name and starts and finishes with a flower motif.

Her absolute favourite colour is yellow but I know she wears pink all the time.

I hope she likes the pink and it goes with her room decor.

We haven’t seen her or her mum and dad for ages and we are really looking forward to it.

I’ve done some others too but they aren’t quite finished yet.


2 thoughts on “Easter Bunting

  1. Hi Auntie Cheryl,

    Thank you so much for my gorgeous bunting. It looks lovely on my bedroom wall. I am going to send you a photograph.

    I hope I see you again soon.

    Love, hugs and big kisses, from Jessica X

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