a living rustic jump

Last year the farm asked us to lay a hedge for ‘the hunt’ to jump when they are invited to ride here twice a year.

With no more knowledge of how to do this than what had been gleaned from the internet, we gave it our best.

We know that the jump has been used and enjoyed over the winter.  One of the huntsmen, Philip enjoyed it particularly because it drops on one side. Depending on your approach, it can be a challenge for the stead and jockey alike.

We were never sure if it would work when we did the laying in september last year. It is only evident now that it has been a success and we are very pleased with it.  It benefits from the slope on one side that philip enjoyed so much and it has a high crest in the middle.  This is tempered with a delicate low section to the right for the less brave members that join the hunt and a middle ground to the right side for those who can’t quite make up their minds.

We will be tasked to do this again in the autumn when the next spot has been identified and another jump would make a day out a bit more interesting so we are hoping for a less mature hedge this time to refine our new found skills.


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