girl’s bunting

jessica's bunting

What with easter, royal weddings and unseasonally gorgeous weather, bunting is my new favourite thing to make so Henry, William, Millie and Jessica will be benefitting form my industry when I see them next.

The girls are easy, it is either pink or floral or something along those lines.

The boys are different.  If it isn’t a truck or a dinosaur, it’s no good!! I hope William and Henry don’t notice that there are some tiny flowers on the boys bunting!  I could be in trouble!

henry's bunting

Bunting is so much fun and nice to make, a bit of sewing, a bit of applique and a cute little person’s name.

I would have loved something like this in my room as a little girl.  It reminds me of silver jubilees, golden jubilees and all the fun of childhood although we didn’t have any at home, it was always flying for special events like street parties and carnivals etc.

Does anyone have village carnivals anymore?  I hope so, they we just the best fun!!


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