boy’s bunting

there’s nothing like a royal wedding or the prospect of a jubilee for getting the bunting out.

'willliam' bunting

easter was my most recent excuse for making some for three littel princesses that I know.

I felt obliged to include the boys too and love the blues.

'henry' bunting

henry is too young to notice thankfully, but knowing William as I do, I will have to cross my fingers and trust to fate that he doesn’t spot the minuscule flowers on a couple of the bunting flags.  if it isn’t a truck or a dinosaur, it just won’t do!!!

If the flowers are discovered, I fear I may be in bother.


4 thoughts on “boy’s bunting

  1. Hi there

    I thought you might need some help with your 320K machine. First of all, you can fix the foot control by opening it up and taking out the capacitor. If you like, you can get a replacement 0.1 micro Farad 250Volt part from an electronics shop.

    Second, if the zigzag is skipping stitches, take the throat plate off and unthread the needle. Then, while set to maximum width, turn hand wheel by hand and observe the timing of the needle and the bobbin hook. It could be that there is some age related play in there, and they don’t meet at the right time. If so, loosen the two screws holding the shuttle assembly to its axle and turn the lot slightly one way or the other.

    If the timing is correct, it could also be due to a blunt, damagend or incorrect needle.

    Good luck!


    • Hi Rudolf

      Thank you so much for the advice. I did get the capacitor taken out by my local machine shop at their suggestion and it certainly seems to have done the trick. To my embarrassment, the missing stitches were a result of me fitting the needle with the flat face pointing forward instead of backwards. When the needle is in correctly, it works perfectly.

      Thank you again


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