a summer wedding

A work colleague of mine got married yesterday so I decided a picture would be nice to mark the occasion.  It is along the same lines as Henry’s Christening picture or the one for my dad’s new home.

We went to the evening celebration and it was great fun. There was a lot of that wonderful dodgy dad dancing that you always get at a wedding party that you just can’t help joining in with!

Everyone looked so smart and happy (particularly the bride!) and their little girl, ellie was very cute in her gorgeous little bridesmaid dress.  She is just under a year old and has those deliciously chubby arms and legs that look like they have elastic bands around the wrists and ankles.  Only little people carry chubbiness so beautifully!

None of the details of the wedding were available (colours, church, dress, groom’s suit etc) before we went to the party so the details for the picture were a real guess. When we got to the party, however, and saw the beautiful dress that Emma was wearing and Stuart’s tails jacket, I think the guesses weren’t too bad.

There are some of the signature images in the picture such as the sun, the bunnies and the trees that have been in other pictures but the floral arch and characters were very much with Stuart and Emma in mind.

I really hope they like it.  It can always go in the downstairs loo if not!!


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