a naming ceremony gift

imogen flags

My fabulous friend Kate has a distant cousin who has a naming ceremony on the 9th July so she has asked me to make bunting for IMOGEN’s ceremony.  It needed to be a bit girly but not too pink.  I did  a few for Imogen’s cousins recently and the purples that jess likes were the order of the day.

flower flag

Since making Jess’s bunting, I have bought some sensational purple floral prints. Some are from old items of clothing, others are remnants from car boot sales, but some of them came from a lovely shop on ebay called blow-n-bubbles who run cornwall fabrics. They are lovely to deal with and have a great selection of quality cotton fabrics that you can buy in 1/2 meter lengths or as much as you want.

'm' purple flag

I also like caroline 3642 who sells through candifabrics on ebay too and I’ve had a few nice pieces from her shop.

'g' flag

I have a real thing about purple at the moment from the new colour for my cable cushions, my diary, note books, bunting or my favourite top to go with jeans.

'e' flag

Someone asked me if I have a load of flags ready that I just put together to make the name but the truth is that I don’t.

'n' flag

Each one is made specifically to suit the number of letters in the name and the colour choice. The letters are then selected to work with the background and also along side each other.

8 flag 'imogen' bunting

Making the patterns, colours and the letters work together is half the fun!


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