tinyinc’s handmade jungle blanket

I have been quietly working away at finishing a blanket I started for bertie but since the decorations in bertie’s room are now different, the jungle theme just won’t work.  As a theme, however, I can’t think of anything more cute than monkeys getting up to mischief, elephants having a shower or hippos wallowing so I have persevered and will get it finished eventually.

I have just finished the parakeet and the frog and have about 5 images left to finish it before I can add them all to the blanket, quilt it and finish it off.

2 thoughts on “tinyinc’s handmade jungle blanket

  1. Hi Judy here,
    Did you manage to find the special needles for your Singer 302K? The missed stitches in your photo of the patterns are probably the result of using an “ordinary” sewing machine needle instead of the 206×13. I have been collecting 319s and sorting out needles and bobbins for them. I just can’t resist the typewriter keys!
    I really like you bunting and applique. Kind regards, Judy

    • Hey Judy

      Yes I did get the right needles, thanks to a chap called Jim who visited my blog and put me onto http://www.college-sewing.co.uk who now supply them for me. I also discovered that the machine is sensitive enough to skip a stitch if the needle is fitted back to front.

      Thank you so much for your compliments on the bunting and appliqué. I absolutely love making them and mostly use my 320k to stitch them together these days. It is a machine that I have come to love using.

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