Jess has a wobbly tooth

Millie’s little sister, Jess has a wobbly tooth that could come out any day.

It became lose just before the girls went on holiday with mum, dad and family friends which has given me the chance to finish her fairy tooth cushion ready for her return. It is now completed and the thank you notes fromTF are in the pocket.

Jessica, thank you for

leaving me such a beautiful tooth.

Keep brushing and

take good care of you new big teeth.

Jess is home now and the tooth is still in tact but I doubt it will last much longer.

Jess’s Tooth Fairy is all dressed up in Jess’s favourite colour purple along with her wand, crown and ballet shoes but she is also sporting a large purple ring and a purple choker.

Knowing Jess’s love of a feather bower, handbag or a string of pretty beads, I think she will approve of the accessorizing.


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