Bunting for Nyah

bunting flags all cut and ready

I have started to receive orders for Christmas presents during the first few weeks of October and although it seems strange to be thinking about Christmas already, the truth is that I had already been thinking about making Christmas stockings shortly so it’s not that early.

Today’s Christmas present is bunting for a little girl called Nyah.

flower motif flag ready to attach to tape

Typically she has pink decor in her bedroom.  The theme is light and dark pinks trimmed with checks.  I love working with shades and patterns in pink. They always come out looking nice, bright and jolly.

Nyah's finished bunting

None of my things are made like they would be in a production line. Each make is unique and I’d be unlikely to be able to duplicate anything because the fabrics are all sourced from such unreliable sources . These could be vintage collections, car boot find or repurposed from something else. That said, it really helps to have a few bits and bobs all ready.

finished flower flag

I had spent an afternoon some weeks ago cutting out a large pile of flags ready for bunting stock of about 15 names that I wanted to make but also in preparation for any commissions that came in. Cutting out dozens of flags is as therapeutic as the making and gives you a bit of a head start.

pink 'N' flag

I love the design process; choosing the right fabrics, laying them out in an order that works and then finishing them off with letters in the right colours and the finishing tape.  Each one is designed from scratch with a lot of thought into what works best together.


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