Bunting for Sale

making bunting

It seems like an absolute age since I visited Facebook, tweeted or pinned  let alone actually did any sewing to talk about or sell on any of these forums.

BUT, this weekend I had a lovely busy saturday catching up on some sewing and a lovely sunny sunday for finishing them off. Having completed Nyah’s bunting, I decided to work my way through some more names that I want to stock in my shop at folksy  and wowthankyou before I get started on my christmas commissions.

fabric flags

Some of the particular names were requested by some mums whereas others are either names that are quite popular or those that I particularly like.

work in progress

Almost everything used for the making of the bunting has been found as a thrifty buy, printed old cloth from america on ebay, recycled from items of clothing or furnishing fabrics or any other place you can think of getting vintage fabrics from.

My mum is a great thrifty shopper and has contributed handsomely to my stockpile of fabrics. Most of her finds are perfect whether it is for the backings or the flags.

There are so many lovely colour and pattern combinations it is difficult to know where to stop? Boys seem to suit a mixture of striped and chequered fabrics.

And of course girls like anything pink and / or flowery.

But then there are some fabrics that will just match the decor.  I could keep going for ever and have already started the next handful before my weekend comes to an end.


2 thoughts on “Bunting for Sale

  1. I still haven’t got round to trying bunting, I do keep saying I’ll try it, but then something else always gets in the way…I really will get roiund to it after I’ve finsihed all the xmas orders that are coming in. Thanks for the inspiration.

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