I cook, therefore I am

a philosophy student

I have been commission to produce 5 aprons for 5 of the men in the life of one of my oldest friends, Debbie.

chef's apron

5 aprons for 5 men who are all different, all have different rolls in Debbie’s life but they all cook.

one is her husband, one is a philosophy student, one is a surfer and one works on the railways but only one of them is an actual chef and that is her son Liam. Obviously he gets ‘head chef’.

for hubby

When picking the colours I took into consideration that 2 of them are Charlton Athletic fans.

When picking the slogan, some are easy like Liam’s ‘head chef’, and the philosophy and english student’s ‘I cook therefore I am’. Clive is a Charlton fan and it tickled Debbie to have ‘I cook for sex’ as he is her husband. The surfer gets ‘I cooks for thrills’ but the hardest one and certainly the longest is ‘don’t trust a skinny cook’. It nearly didn’t fit on the apron at all.

surfer's apron

Debbie is very pleased with them and handing them over was a good excuse to get together for the first time in a while.

Merry Christmas boys and happy cooking. I hope that means the ladies get to put their feet up!!

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