branding and packaging

packaged up and ready to go

Quite a few of my makes are gifts and so I take appropriate care to make them look as pretty and nice as possible when they are handed over.

It has lead me to wonder about the packaging of my own makes that are purchased on line through folksy, wowthankyou or as word of mouth commissions that I get on email or by phone.  As an example of packaging,  Amazon do it simply but perfectly adequately for their books, Jo Malone’s on the other hand is equisite and feels expensive, most others are adequate at best.

I was recently delighted at the lengths that some makers go to to make their packaging as gorgeous as their lovely creations.  Dear Emma featured in one of my fabulous folksy finds blogs with her fabric blue tit bowl and I liked the find so much I bought one.  It arrived wrapped in cellophane, stuffed with tissue and with a Dear Emma tag that she does in a lovely traditional typewriter font.

tinyinc tag

I have been holding onto a small buff coloured tag with a reinforced hole and strung that was attached to a loaf of bread I bought when selling at the underground market last year because I love the simplicity of it. It is done using a traditional rubber stamp directly onto the tag and is lovely in it’s hand made style and simplicity.

I do like the name ‘ tinyinc’. The things I like about it are it’s simplicity, the ‘tiny’ bit gives it an immediate association with kids and it is a single, simple but slightly unusual word (in fact if you google tinyinc, it is unusual enough to be right at the top of the search page in all it’s forms – web page, blog, folksy shop etc).

I have business cards that were designed by my web designer sister in September 2010 and I have branded aprons that are based on the same logo. I’ve been using them for a while now, but I have come to realise that they are just not quite right yet and have not been updated since.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the colours and the simplicity of the font but the word is broken into two and the daisy doesn’t relate to anything to do with tinyinc. I was delighted with them at the time, they are very cute but they need to be developed.

I have since had time to live with them, I have almost come full circle with my preferences for a brand logo – the simplicity of the single word ‘tinyinc’ in a gentle and unfussy font like Arial or Avant Garde.

This was confirmed for me recently when I bought a traditional rubber stamp in n Arial font that reads ‘tinyinc’. I also bought a variety of tags to try it out on. I think I am getting there but I will continue to explore the ideas in different formats until I’m happy.

bunting packaged and ready to go

It makes for some lovely simple packaging and I think I will start to do this for my buyers

Now that I’m sure about the graphic, I think I can commit to a logo and hopefully get everything else sorted out to suit – website, shop banners and new business cards. Just need to get them done now!


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