personalised pinnies

One of our friends has been known to be quite rude about my makes (though I suspect he doesn’t really mean it) and refers to them as ‘tinyinc tatt’.

As a result, I have made it my singular mission to furnish him with as many pieces as possible.  He already has an apron at home that was his October birthday present, but this one is for his culinary efforts at work.

I cook 4 sex

Most fridays, he gets his barbecue tools out and rustles up lovely tasty burgers for all the staff.  There are about 70 people that he employs, but not all can be around for the delights that come from his test kitchen (fondly referred to as Didster’s Diner).  Everyone you can make it, however, makes a small contribution and the proceeds go to a local charity which I think it is great.

Didster's Diner

I imagine he has ruined a few nice shirts in the pursuit of the perfect burger so I would like to think that it not only does his new apron adds to the theme of his kitchen but also to his burgeoning collection of tinyinc makes and will also save his nice shirts from the recycling a few wears longer.

the toon

As an avid supporter of ‘the Toon’ the decor in his american style diner and kitchen is black and white. In keeping with the theme, his new apron is black and white stripes with the blue letters of Newcastle United’s logo.

I’m hoping that it will get some use on Friday this week as I am in the office but he has taken my husband and another of his mates on a ‘business’ trip skiing so I think I will have to stay hungry for a week longer.


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