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Since I decided to start gift wrapping my makes when sending to my buyers, I have really enjoyed doing it. It is a real delight and takes the mundane out of labelling and sending stuff out in the post.

I love receiving things through the post and I love it even more when they are beautifully wrapped so I hope that my customers enjoy it.

Like my makes, each one becomes individual and tailored to the colours of the item inside.

Today I have packaged up a pink hotty that is destined for Leicestershire. It was sold on wowthankyou and is now all tissued, ribboned and tagged up and I am very pleased with how it looked.

I suspect it is a gift for someone as it is bright pink but was purchased by a gentleman. Even if I am wrong, and the recipient simply likes pink, they will like the wrapping as it is also pink.

We are heading for another chilly snap so I’ll get it off in the post tomorrow and hope it arrives safely on Tuesday in time to keep someone toasty warm.  Brrrrrrrr!!

9 thoughts on “post and packaging

  1. So inspired by your thoughts here that I’m making a coordinated gift bag for the baby blankets I just finished. I LOVE getting beautifully presented gifts. I hope the Mama of these twin baby girls will, too. Thanks for the great post. Jx

    • Hi thelinoprinter

      thanks for reading. I can imagine prints being perfect for gift wrapping!! perfect geometric shapes are lovely to wrap. Strange knitted shapes are quite tough. Have a go, I’m sure you will do brilliantly.

      Just popped onto your blog and love the prints BTW!!


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