a place to work

craft in a cupboard

I’m not in the fortunate position where I have my own work room so I have to set myself up on the dining room table when I need to sew. Unfortunately it means running between spaces to get materials. It makes it a bit difficult.

We have a spare room but it gets used for visitors or storing stuff.

neat little working corner

I wonder if I might be able to clear a corner and set myself up permanently? I’d love that!

fun working area

I often see images that illustrate some great space saving ideas for sewing and making areas. I’m pretty tidy and try to be organised with storage but I have accumulated a lot of stuff.

storage unit

There are some great ideas and prove that a work space can be inspiring as well as compact but still able to hold all your tools and material.

recycled chest of drawers

If I commit myself and continue with my clearing and sorting out, I may just manage to pull it off!

2 thoughts on “a place to work

  1. I love all the photos of the different types of workplace. I have to make do with my living room (an unfortunately that’s over run with toys).

    • It’s tough isn’t it and I am sure that I get much less done than I would if I could have it all set out and ready rather than getting it all out and putting it all away again.

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