granny squares

lots of different coloured knitted squares

My mum gave me a load of knitted squares recently that she had made from some bits of wool that will have come from any number of things that she has made over time.

The squares are an interesting collection of colours and not necessarily colours that you would instinctively put together. But the joy of a real granny square is that it is made of odd and interesting bits of wool that have no real use anymore.  Putting them together has no plan, it really is all about using up odds and ends.

squares crocheted together in a random way with random bits of wool

This ever growing blanket is something that I fiddle with on a weekend when we are in east anglia and perhaps the weather is a bit dull and cold.  It is slowly changing into a substantial item as I crochet the squares together with oddments of coloured wool of my own.

Who knows how big it will end up being but I have asked mum if she has any more bits that she can knit into more squares.

more knitted squares

It is snuggly and warm when it is over my knee and I am working on it.  My Jack Russell has his eye on it but he already has a crocheted blanket so I think it will find it’s natural home somewhere else.

Perhaps it would be fitting to give it to my mum. She is a granny and I’m sure she could use it for the winter when she is in her draughty little house knitting away.


6 thoughts on “granny squares

  1. I can’t count the number of small squares that I knit ages ago, with the intent of turning them into a blanket eventually. I never got around to actually doing that, though. One of these days I’ll have to find all the squares and sew them together and make that blanket!

  2. This is looking fabulous! The great thing about this sort of project is that you can sometimes pinpoint “well, that square was made from that old sweater, and that’s leftovers from a that hat…”, which is always fun.

    • thank you! I feel the same about fabric scraps that I make into things! They evoke lots of thoughts, smells and memories!! It’s a lovely way to reminisce and to be reminded of stuff you probably forgot.

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