beautiful blogger award

I have been nominated for the beautiful blogger by made by truly yours.  It is a lovely concept where bloggers nominate their favourite blogs for the award.

‘made by truly yours’ nominated tinyinc for ‘a lovely little blog, and especially nice hotties!’

These are the rules:-

1. Thank the person who nominated you –  a big thank you to made by truly yours – made by truly yours – I love  your tutorials and you are so generous with your skills.

2. write a few interesting facts about yourself.

3.paste the award on your blog – see above!

4. link the person who nominated you for the award –

5. nominate up to about 5 of the blogs you like with links to their sites.

So here we go with some interesting facts about myself:-

I have double jointed thumbs

I used to be in the school synchronised trampoline team

My family is gloriously extended

The first thing I ever made was a hideous pink knitted dress for my Cindy doll

Not very interesting I fear and I’m sure that my fellow bloggers will have lots more fascinating facts about themselves to share.

These are the blogs that I love to read and why I have nominated them for the beautiful blogger award:-

henhouse – – I love everything about this blog

creative pixie – – for using such beautiful colours in crochet squares

cosied – – for so many lovely fun tea cosies

patchwork palace – – for lots of lovely quilts

rosehip – -for beautiful crochet edged pillowcase and lovely photos


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