big heart

buttons in the shape of a heart

The shape of heart is so lovely and curvy but delightfully symmetrical.

It is a shape I can’t resist.

button detail

I sew it into bunting, I’ve appliquéd hearts onto cushions and created two large cushions that have a heart shape made up of white buttons of all types.

We have some heart shaped lavender bags in our bedroom, a heart shaped dish in the spare bedroom, a china one hanging from the mirror over the fire to name but a few.

heart chocolate

I recently got very excited about a heart pattern in a hot chocolate that I ordered in Borough Market.

We have two recent additions to our heats:-

heart hanging for my birthday

a really lovely decorated hanging heart from my sis and niece on my birthday

'love' toast

(oooh, and I made JC fried egg ‘love’ toast for a valentine’s day breakfast in the form of a heart)

a burr walnut heart box

and a beautiful Burr Walnut heart shaped box that I picked up in Norfolk over the weekend.

I love them!


4 thoughts on “big heart

    • thank you, that’s very kind of you. I feel very inspired by your makes and am chomping at the bit to get onto my own stuff if I could get work out of the way

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