make do and mend

make do and mend picture

I love the idea of recycling, finding a new use for something when it has finished it’s useful first life.  We live in a frighteningly disposable world which unfortunately extends to living things as well as inanimate objects.

In order to rewire the population’s psyche we need to keep getting the message out there:- reduce, reuse, recycle – make do and mend – go green – save water, bath with a friend – nurture nature – fresh is best – green is the new black – don’t be a drag reuse your bag – don’t be a tosser, and the list goes on.

appliqued letters

keep calm and carry on is a throw back to the war efforts, Jamie Oliver has helped us with the ministry of food and there is a great push on growing your own vegetables these days.

Whether the state of your finances determines this or whatever the prompt, it really doesn’t matter but we need to stop conspicuously consuming and really get back to reducing, reusing and recycling.

go on make something or mend something, it’s very rewarding.

3 thoughts on “make do and mend

  1. I would like to thank Grace for buying! She is one of my most loyal customers. Thank you again for your custom Grace. It will be on it’s way to you tomorrow!

    handmade by tinyinc

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