nice cup or rosy lea

new striped tea cosy

new flower top detail

I haven’t posted any tea cosies on here for a while and I finally got around to sewing tags onto my fresh stash and taking some photos of them.

purple stripes

purple top flower detail

These are a result of an idea my mum had, she has developed the pattern and they are all her hard work.

They differ from the previous ones that had a pom pom or a tied top. These have a new looped flower top detail mostly and the pattern is different to most of the previous ones.

teal and turquoise

oranges and lemons

magenta & navy

jubilee teacosy

I love them and my mum is very pleased with the outcome as she should be!

They will be a welcome addition to my online selling as I haven’t listed anything on there for ages either. Most of my recent sales have resulted directly from my blog posts or as a result of commissions.

I will slowly list them on one of the internet (folksy, etsy, coriandr & wowthankyou).


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