kate’s kitchen and st george

kate’s kitchen apron

The girls in my close group all live close to each other and we fondly refer to ourselves as ‘the coven’ and our get togethers are referred to as ‘stitch and bitch’ and although we don’t get together anywhere near as often as we’d all like, when we do, it is always lovely and I miss them in between times.

None of us go mad on presents for each other but we do make a small gesture and it is usually done with a lot of thought.  I have had some wonderful gifts from my dear friends and love finding something for them when the time comes.

Kate’s home has a tinyinc tea cosy and her girls have bunting and millie had a tooth fairy cushion until recently when Jess also started losing her gnashers but Kate doesn’t have anything herself.

Kate, likes to rustle up a themed birthday cake or two when events dictate. We’ve seen Barbie in a ball gown, boobs in a bodice (only just held in!) and a variety of other sponge and icing delights.

It was Kate’s own birthday on Monday (St George’s Day) and since I certainly wouldn’t have impressed with my baking skills had I chosen to make a cake as a birthday gift for her, I did spend a bit of time putting together an apron for her cake making instead.

letter details

Kate is getting a new kitchen fitted over the summer so will be baking on new worktops, in a new oven and now she will also be baking in a new apron.

letter details

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