thrifty threads

box of sewing threads

Since Easter, the car boot sales have started again and I was at the local one last sunday.

The turn out wasn’t great but I expect that is largely due to the shocking weather we have been having. The ground was pretty waterlogged when it is usually pretty good under foot so there were neither a great number of sellers or buyers.

sorted into colours

I’m always on the hunt for fabrics, threads, ribbons and any vintage sewing bits. Finding and using fabrics and threads I have found are in keeping with my up cycle, repurpose policy but I don’t always get something. I have made errors with my purchases and have some fabrics that I can’t see me ever using but I have also walked away from stuff before and later regretted it.

This time, I really think I scored. I was just about to leave and realised I had missed an odd stall that was way out on a limb and away from the others so I wandered over just in case.

silko bobbins

A lady & her daughter were selling some really interesting things from a big white van but nothing that I needed/wanted/liked until I looked at the bits she had laid out on a ‘sale’ tarpaulin on the floor.  For 20p a bobbin, there were loads of sewing threads and for a further 20p a skein, there were embroidery silks.

I asked what she would take for all the threads and couldn’t walk away when she only wanted £8.  I also asked about the embroidery skeins and they were only an additional £3.

embroidery silks

For £11 I came home with about 120 skeins of embroidery silks and about 140 bobbins of thread.  There are 98 bobbins of Coats Drima most of which are brand new and still have the cellophane around them, 2 guttermann, 43 silkos and 1 other. The embroidery silks are in various colours and some have been started but lots haven’t.

When you consider that embroidery silks retail at about 75p each and sewing threads at about £2-£4 each, I could have between £350 and £500 worth of threads for my £11.

that’s a lot of thread

The lady was happy to get her cash and be rid of the quality street box of threads and I am absolutely delighted with my colourful stash!

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