a tisket a tasket a traditional shopping basket

my shopping basket

I have a lovely traditional shopping basket that I like to use when I go to the butcher in the village.

It wasn’t always mine but it is in good condition. It has an original elasticated fabric cover that I absolutely hate so I decided to make a new one.

original basket cover

The original one has lots of raggedy edges and some questionable sewing skills so I suspect it was quite mass produced for very little cost.  The colours and the pattern are just not me at all.

my shopping basket alongside some of my other baskets

So I hunted through my growing piles of vintage fabrics to find the right colour and pattern for the job. I found pair of sweet pale grey blue curtains when I went searching that were just perfect to give this lovely little basket a nice coat.

And here it is. I’m very pleased with it and I think the pattern and colour are perfect for such a lovely thing.

new cover on my favourite shopping basket

It would appear that I have a weakness for baskets and have a couple more that I think could also benefit from a cover each.  We’ll see.

4 thoughts on “a tisket a tasket a traditional shopping basket

    • thank you. I have at least two other baskets, one that I use for sewing and the other is just lovely that I might cover too. Can’t decide

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