Hello Ayla May

Hello Ayla May!!  (there must be a song in that somewhere!!!)

bunting for ayla

One of my friends from work, Jamie and her boyfriend Andy have just had a little girl.

Ayla May Kelly was born on the 18.05.12 at 8.15am weighing about 7lbs.

flower detail

All of us at work have been waiting what seems like ages and dying for her to arrive. Jamie and Andy knew she was going to be a girl but I think her arrival date got a bit of a mix up and Jamie had to hang on a bit longer than expected.

A for Ayla and Apple of their eye

I think the birth was quite tricky but Jamie came into the office the other day with Andy and Ayla and she doesn’t even look like she has just had a baby. She looks amazing and obviously enjoying being a mum!!

Y is for Yummy little thing

Ayla is very cute and it was lovely to finally meet her.

ayla may kelly

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