oh so totes

making a tote on my frister rossman cub 7

I have made 4 more tote bags like the one I made for myself.

Some of the fabrics that I work with come from a lovely lady called ann who makes curtains.  She gives lots of fabric offcuts to the local school for their craft projects and my friend Anna gets some of it for me to work with. It is free and as leftovers it sits very well with my recycling/upcycling preference for Tinyinc.

connecting the lining

These ones, like the one I made myself are using some of the fabric offcuts from Ann’s studio so it seemed appropriate to me that one of them should serve as a thank you to Ann for her generosity.  It has been posted and should have arrived by now and I hope Ann has use for it and knows how much I appreciate her generosity.

finsihed tote

I have also sent one to my mum and to the lady who recently gave me a load of sewing stuff that she no longer has a use for.

lined with an inside pocket

These totes are quite capacious and able to hold much more than A4 documents, they are lined and have a pocket on the outside as well as the inside. They are gusseted to help them keep their shape when they are full and they have straps that go all the way underneath which gives them structure and makes them robust for carrying heavy things.

hot pink lining

Mine is invaluable and I hope everyone gets as much use out of theirs as I do out of mine.

pink and mink


4 thoughts on “oh so totes

    • thank you!! I have been looking at totes today on my way around town and was soooooooo tempted by a very expensive and very nice leather one but my own are so useful and jolly…… I resisted!!


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