my vintage sewing machine

the threading of the 320k

I realised recently after receiving a new comment on my original blog post, that I hadn’t posted an update about my wonderful singer 320k sewing machine since May 2010 when I was lucky enough to get her.

After falling in love with her, investing in new parts and then being so disappointed that she wasn’t working properly for me, I took her to my local sewing machine shop on Green Lanes and was helped out by a very interesting chap who took some small but significant part out of the foot pedal that stopped it sticking at top speed (a restrictor or something that is a common fault – who knew?).

stitch selectors which explain why it was called the typewriter sewing machine

He also fitted a new needle (correctly) and rethreaded it to make sure that was all in order and in no time at all she was purring like a cat again. The missed stitches were simply that the needle was in the wrong way around as it seems these machines will take the needle any way presented but there is a right way (bit of a schoolboy error on my part but you live and learn).

stitch samples using the typewriter keys

She is sewing beautifully again and has become my absolute favourite sewing machine. She is used far more these days than my trusty little frister rossman cub 7 which has been with me since I was about 13 (I also owe a blog post about that little machine so watch this space).

more stitches

Anyway my 320k (I really feel like she should have a name like Lilian, Ethel or Bridget or something along those lines; something solid and dependable) has been busy helping me make any number of things but the ones that I have enjoyed making on her best are the strings of bunting made for the 3 grand daughters of her last owner, Esme.

bobbin casing

One of the girls is named after her grandma and it seemed rather lovely and fitting that the bunting was made for them at a machine used by their grandmother. The girls aunt likes that and I hope the girls understand it one day.

bobbin for the singer 320k

She is ready for another good clean again now to get rid of all the dry lint in the bobbin casings and is about to start some more sewing jobs for me.

part number for the bobbin

I hope this update and the photos help Tony in Switzerland who contacted me about his own 320k recently, parts for which he is searching. Good luck, Tony and let me know if you find what you are looking for!

5 thoughts on “my vintage sewing machine

  1. Since this is Jubliee year, you could maybe call her Elizabeth or Eliza or Esme is lovely too 🙂 I don’t know what it is about vintage machines. They are so lovely to use. Your’s is stitching beautifully 😀

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