Love is in the air….


One of the boys at work is getting married at the beginning of August.

We can’t go to the wedding which is a shame as lots of my colleagues and friends from work will be going and it is a missed chance to socialise and dance!

There isn’t a present list and although I think present lists are a great help for a couple starting a new life together and for guests who aren’t sure what to buy, I like the personal touch anyway so have made them a wedding present.


As cushions and cosies are one of the things that Tinyinc makes and sells most of (rapidly being taken over by bunting!!), I decided that a cushion would be the order of the day.

One of my dearest friends is also getting married soon so I have had an unexpected interest in all things matrimonial. One of the things that I have seen that I love particularly is the combinations of whites and creams.

It isn’t a natural ‘marriage’ (oh dear!). It is a bad match rather than a good contrast. There are rules!!!

Whilst I still believe that a good contrast is better than a bad match, I’ve really come around to cream and white together.  Our flat is decorated white, our house is painted cream but the two don’t meet.

They have met before and in the form of cushions that sits on our reclaimed church pew (appropriate for nuptials) and I really like it. The cushion for Jon & Nat follows the white and cream theme – the cover itself is a lovely heavy weight white slubbed linen that my mum found as a remnant for me for about £1.89.  The letters are medium weight sateen from curtains that I bought to chop up.

The motif was easy……

There’s only one word for a wedding present……. LOVE

Congratulations Jon & Nat and all the best for your life together.



4 thoughts on “Love is in the air….

  1. That’s really lovely! Also, the letters are so perfect – you must have a very steady hand 🙂 Nice colours too – weddingy, but then also not so weddingy that it would feel odd keeping it on display all the time.

    • thank you. It means so much when I have seen how absolutely gorgeous your tatting is and how beautifully photographed. I really hope they feel that they can put it somewhere so they can see it every day and it reminds them of such a lovely occassion.

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